Congress News

Deadline Extention of Early Registration
Due to several kind requests from International Participants to the twelfth International Congress
of Egyptologists (ICE 12).
It has been decided to extend the deadline of early regestration till 10th of May 2019.

Account Number:
Payment Update (Only for Egyptians)
Please, find below the bank account number of the Ministry of Antiquities: 9/450/87805/8
Note: Kindly deposit the fees in the local currency in any bank of your choice to the above mentioned account.

Audiences number
The Organizing Committee of the 12th International Congress of Egyptologists has set the number of its audiences to a maximum number of 200 people (not including the speakers).
They are divided as follows:
- 100 Egyptians (50 employees of the Ministry of Antiquities and 50 non-employees. PhD holders are priority).
- 100 Foreigners ( members of the foreign archaeological institutes in Egypt are priority)